Digital Marketing Services

Web Design Services

BBseven Internet Marketing specialise in providing affordable web design services. Through sharing our web design experience and resources we work with you to create and develop your new or existing web site and help it stand out from the crowd. Our affordable web design services make your website more engaging but also make it easier for your customers to find you and your products or services online through internet searches.

Search Engine Optimisation Services

Our services extend further than just the creation of affordable websites. We are here to work with you to gain better internet exposure through our search engine optimisation services and back it up with measurable results. We help grow your new or existing web site naturally and improve its visibility to your customers through search engine optimisation leading to better positioning in search engine results pages. We understand your individual online marketing objectives and work with you to help your customers find you and your products or services online through internet searches. An ethical internet marketing strategy is paramount for online exposure and is at the heart of what we do.

Internet Marketing Services

BBseven Internet Marketing are here to work with you to gain internet exposure and back it up with measurable results. By working together and doing things right we develop a joint internet marketing strategy that delivers results. Your journey with us will be exciting as you watch your online business grow and we will show you how and why so we can continue to work together and make better informed online marketing business decisions. Our internet marketing services encompass everything from social media management and PPC advertising to email marketing. We bring all your online internet marketing together so you can better understand, track and monitor your entire online marketing activity. By working closely with our customers we help you understand and embrace new internet marketing techniques so that you remain in control of your online business.

Pay Per Click Advertising Services

A PPC or pay per click advertising internet campaign can be extremely powerful and can reach your customers 24/7. PPC advertising and marketing can result in additional online business success and create brand building opportunities. However, pay per click advertising sometimes requires careful management and can also be exceptionally time consuming as close attention needs to be paid to these campaigns. By working closely with us, we help you take control of your PPC budget and create focussed and cost effective online pay per click marketing campaigns.

Social Media Management

As more and more of your potential customers are embracing the internet themselves, you need to consider other ways of reaching them and engaging with them online. Social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook and even Youtube are a great way to do this and to also differentiate yourself from your competitors. Embracing social media as a way of marketing yourself online can require a different set of internet skills and experience. There are various tools and strategies involved that differ from traditional internet marketing and there are more and more rules and regulations to follow. We are here to help you with all of this and work alongside you to reach this new potential online.