Web Essentials Part 2: Google Analytics Time of Day Report

Google AnalyticsWhilst recently working with a client as part of their internet marketing Pay Per Click campaign, i realised that understanding your website visits and when they occur is an essential part of online marketing. As standard, Google Analytics doesn’t provide this information. Instead you need to create a ‘Custom Report’.

By creating this custom report in Google Analytics, you can identify which days of the week and also which hours of the day people visit your website the most but also the least. Data like this is can be crucial when making decisions about your internet marketing strategy.

As part of our internet marketing services for this particular client, creating this custom time of day report allowed us to create a more cost effective and affordable Google Adword campaign so that the PPC campaign was only displayed across the Google search network at times when website visitors were at an optimum and more likely to buy. However, understanding the times of day and hours that visitors are most likely to be on your website or searching for your products or services can have a huge influence on many of your online marketing decisions. For example, it could help you understand and experiment with what time is best to post something on your business Facebook page.

Download the visitor time of day report

There are various custom report tutorials available on the internet but if you would rather save yourself the time, then you can download the visitor time of day custom report here All you need is a Google Analytics account and profile.

Google Analytics time of day report

To view your new custom report, log into your Google Analytics account and click on the Customization link and then select your new ‘Hours & Days’ report. The number 0 in the day of week column represents Sunday. 1 represents Monday and so on. The sample report above shows that that most visits to the website took place on Fridays for the selected date range and and Wednesdays had the least visits. With the report you can then identify the same with regards to most visits that occured during the time of day on the Friday.

Help with Google Analytics

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